Relevant XKCD

Things you should know

  • Search for any keywords or sentences and find Relevant XKCD comics based off of Reddit comments from 2014-2016.
  • Finds that top 5 relevant comics --> Sometimes the "best" IS NOT THE BEST comic
  • Uncommon words/mispelled sentences will output garbage results since there wasn't nearly enough training data.
  • All images are from the original xkcd online comic. All Randall Munroe :P
  • Please help provide feedback! -- email me at
  • It's running a Stochastic Gradient Descent classifier
  • The complete model size takes up 300MB and uses 1+GB of RAM to run so idk how long this site will stay up running since it's expensive to run
  • 100% inspired by Dan Zhang and Megan Ruthven’s Relevant XKCD. Notice me senpai!
  • Want the full dev story? Try my attempted writeup
  • Made by Kevin Fang