Pre-Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Dictionary

Try: "I love you"

Things you should know before using

There are not a lot of resources out there for Gregg, it's kind of a lost artifact. I tried to learn it for a month, though I gave up because it was going to take to long to learn. But it looks beautiful and also quite useful (at least in the past... we got Google voice assistant now!).

Hopefully this site will help those who want to learn.

  • Since the data was parsed rather harshly, not all the images will not be correct perfect. Some might have another words shorthand in the top of the image.
  • The image might be cut off, contain other shorthand words, and/or not be existent.
  • Combinations of words (ie. I can, I would not) will not be shown (each word will be separate of each other)
  • Also there ain't any punctuation unfortunately
  • Plurals of nouns (dog vs dogs) or conjugations of verbs (talk vs talking vs talks) WILL NOT WORK

  • Please help provide feedback! -- email me at
  • All the data was pulled from this dictionary
  • Made by Kevin Fang